Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cigar Review: Partagás Corona Gorda Añejados (OBE JUN-07)

Today I tackle our final assessment of the Añejados program. Overall, the program has been a disappointment, but things could turn around today with the Partagás. I have good things to say about the brand overall, young and old offerings, and since I have a love for corona gordas, things might be positive. Enough of the introductions though, let's take a look at the Partagás Corona Gorda Añejados.

Habanos: Partagás Corona Gorda Añejados
Factory: Partagás Factory
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Length: 143 mm (5.6")
Ring Gauge: 46
Production: Regular, but have been aged for five to eight years before being released. 

The Habanos has a faded brown wrapper, a solid triple cap and is pressed quite well. There are few veins showing on the wrapper and those that are are quite minimal. It's rolled well, firm throughout and has an aged quality to it in appearance. The wrapper is giving off an aroma of spices, leather, damp earth and stone fruit, and the foot is showing notes of tobacco, spices and chocolate.

The Habanos begins with a tight draw, but there are also great flavors with that. I am getting some awesome young Partagás flavors and it is showing some stone fruit, chocolate and peppery spice. There is some creaminess present as well, and it has touches of tobacco and grass a well. Personally I am digging the flavors, but the ten years aged has me curious. I would say that the Habanos is smoking at a medium-full level for flavors and body, and the strength is at a medium level. The construction is top notch and I am getting an even burn line with a nice firm charcoal colored ash on the end. So far there is a nice start to this Añejados and I am eager to see where the second third goes.

When I get into the second third, I find that the Corona Gorda begins to lose some of its flavors that were present in the first third and it is only focused on a few notes. I am getting a lot of pepper favors and it is paired with this creamy citrus quality. The Habanos is smoking at a medium-full level all around and it's losing its winning qualities that were present in the beginning. The construction is still top notch and it is burning evenly while producing that firm charcoal ash on the end. The draw is still a little snug, but I am one that does not mind a tighter draw on my Habanos.

I am in the final third now and the flavors present are truly lacking. I am really just picking up some pepper and poor tobacco notes and it's quite disappointing. What was there at the beginning is totally gone now, and it has been getting worse and worse the farther into the Habanos I get. The body, strength and flavors are a medium-full level, same as they were before and the construction is going downhill. The burn line is now uneven and the ash is getting this dark charcoal color. I don't get to the end before I put it down.

A true disappointment, the Partagás Corona Gorda lives up to what I have come to expect from a released tied into the Añejados program. I am going to believe Habanos S.A. that these have been aging as long as they have, but I will ask the questions, what were these blends like to begin with? I truly feel that if they blended these vitolas like regular production offerings they would be spectacular, but I am left believing that they blended them differently and stronger, years back and that is why we have these Habanos smoking the way they are. What started off solid, though somewhat young quickly went downhill and there were no redeeming qualities with that as the construction deteriorated as well. I am giving the Partagás Corona Gorda Añejados a rating between 79-81. Waste of time. Waste of tobacco. Waste of funds!

Young Rating: Inconclusive
With Age Rating: 79-81