Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cigar Review: Montecristo Clubs

Continuing on my exploration of machine made cigarillos from Habanos, I grabbed myself a pack of Montecristo Clubs before heading out to class with a shot of espresso. The Montecristo Club is a standard cigarillo size, 22rg X 96mm, and normally is sold in packs of 20, as well as a humidor that contains 50 cigarillos, 25 clubs and 25 minis. I have smoked through a box of puritos before, so I was curious to see how the club held up against it.

  The draw was extremely full flavored initially, with a nice musk on the retrohale. The draw saw some cocoa flavors develop, while the charred oak flavors I normally associated with the marca hit the nose. The Montecristo Club was well balanced, providing enough flavor on the draw to balance the strength of the retrohale. Towards the middle, a nice pepper burn showed up on the lips and retro, which added depth to the charred oak flavors. The Montecristo Club paired extremely well with the espresso, which I made Cuban style, and lasted just over ten minutes. In my opinion, the Clubs are a better buy then the Puritos, as they are much cheaper, and offer a similar experience. Compared to the Cohiba Clubs, I would put the Montecristo Clubs behind them at this point if I had to choose.