Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cigar Review: Cuaba Tradicionales

Continuing on my journey into the brand known as Cuaba, I found myself looking for a smaller cigar and grabbed the Tradicionales to pair with some espresso in between work and school. A Petit Perfecto, the Tradicionales measures in at 4.7 inches and a 42 ring gauge, making it somewhat similar in size to most petite corona vitolas. Given Cuaba is a niche brand dealing with only figurado shaped cigars, I was not surprised to find out the Tradicionales size was discontinued in 2012, yet still seems to be available from retailers.

First Half: The Cuaba Tradicionales had a rather sugary beginning, marked by a strong retrohale that burned the nostrils immediately. The sugar finish crept slowly up the tongue, but got thrown off a bit by the overpowering dry cedar notes marked by the retrohale. At times, I felt like I was smoking a Nicaraguan cigar the retro and finish were so strong. By midpoint, my nose hairs were screaming in pain.

Second Half: The sugar notes had subsided a bit, and the Cuaba Tradicionales took a bit of a nose dive in terms of complexity. I detected some roasted nut flavors, but the dry cedar notes continued to burn the nose and sit heavy back of mouth. Even my espresso could not help wash the palate. Towards the end, the profile became grassy and uneventful.

Construction: Excellent

Final Thoughts: This was my first and last Cuaba Tradicionales, and I do not see myself grabbing one again. I think Nicaraguan fans would love this stick actually, but I cannot see age maturing this blend into something I would enjoy. Given the vitola was discontinued in 2012, I assume this stick had some age to it, so the unbalanced nature does not give me any hope for the cigar. So far, both Cuaba cigars I have smoked have been rather full, but the Cuaba Tradicionales was a bit much for my tastes. If I had to rate this cigar, which I rarely do, it would be in the low 80's easy.