Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cigar Review: Cohiba Club

Up for this week, is another look into the world of machine made Habanos.  Cohiba is the most popular name in the cigar industry worldwide, and most notable in terms of brand and marketing. The Cohiba Clubs have always been on my radar for short smokes, so it made sense to review the Cohiba Clubs as I find many aficionados are genuinely interested in the performance of this short smoke. One thing that is interesting about machine made Habanos, is they are not all available in all regions, but it seems the Cohiba Clubs are. The size is specifically known as a cigarillo, measuring in at 22rg X 96mm. The Clubs come in packages of 10 or 20, and also in special releases. Packaging for the Cohiba Clubs ranges from cardboard packs to tins. There is also a White release, which is a take on the blend, that I will review at a later date. All Habanos cigarillos are short filler cigars.

The Cohiba Club began with notes of graham cracker and nuts. The finish was very smooth, balanced with a wonderful retrohale that had light roasted coffee notes, as well as roasted nuts, and hints of cedar. Overall the finish was incredibly good for a machine made cigar, tasty and creamy, with no spice, and a marked vanilla note. I find it hard to say a cigar this small that lasted a hair over ten minutes was a vanilla bomb, but man I wished it would have lasted forever. This Cohiba Club was better then the recent Siglo I I smoked, and reminded me of the Siglo IV I reviewed recently. I would say the blend leans more towards the Siglo line then the Linea Classica, but really it was just damn good, and worthy of grabbing a few packs if you need a quick flavor bomb of love. In my experience, the Cohiba Club was the best of the Clubs I have smoked in the past.