Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cigar Review: Ramon Allones Caprichos Edición Regional España (2014)

My experience with Ramon Allones has always been good, and the regional or LCDH releases I have had are tough to justify based on how good the core releases of the marca are. That being said, when the Edición Regional España Ramon Allones Caprichos was released in 2014, I was looking forward to seeing how it compared to both the Robusto Corto release of 2013, and the RASS. Spain is known for their love of cigars and Habanos, and their regional releases have always drawn praise from the Habanos community.  The Ramon Allones Caprichos is a Mágicos size, coming in at 4.5 inches by 52 ring gauge, a petite robusto.  Personally, I love the Special Select, otherwise known as the RASS, so I am always curios to see how similar sized cigars from the same marca stand out as a unique blend. The Caprichos come in boxes of ten, with 5,000 total cigars having been released.  This is the second Ramon Allones Edición Regional España, the first one being the Grandes released in 2008.

Dry Draw: Typical Ramon Allones honey bomb

First Third: The draw was nice and sweet, complimented by a woddy retrohale. The draw had dried meat flavors, salty and savory, but unlike typically Habanos with these flavors. The honey notes I detected in the dry draw came alive, with a marked sweetness on the draw. Towards the end of the first third, burnt toffee notes arrived, as the sweetness of the honey notes and salty, woody flavors all combined for extra depth.

Second Third: The burnt toffee flavor took over, which really was a combination of so many other flavors.  The dried meat or jerky flavors remained as well, with the finish having a savory quality that almost made me crave refreshment. The finish was well developed by this time, with coffee flavors entering the retrohale as well.  The midpoint saw hitns of pepper arrive, but faint at most, adding more depth to the complexity of the Espana.

Final Third: Not much change took place in the final third. The meaty savory quality took over the balance, with no sugar or sweet notes.  Towards the end the burnt toffee came back, but overall the complexity took a drop in the final third.

Construction: No complaints

Final Thoughts: The blend was well balanced, with unique flavors I connect with Sancho Panza combined with classic Ramon Allones flavors.  To me that is what sets the España apart, as this is not your typical Ramon Allones blend, but has some of the signature flavors. I think the final third was less developed due to age, but it did not sour or become harsh. The Caprichos is a must have with regard to the regional releases, not so much because of complexity, but the uniqueness of the blend.