Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What Embargo?: Episode Veinte: Cubanacan Cigars HR

On What Embargo? Episode Viente, Catfish and Big Tuna change things up a bit and say "No Thank You Cuba," and instead turn their attention to a small and truly boutique company in Esteli, Nicaragua. The company is Cubanacan, and right now they are the company that can be referred to as The Little Engine Cigar Company That Could. For several years now, Cubanacan has been working with famous Cuban tobacco grower, Hirochi Robaina, grandson of the late Alejandro Robaina, and together they have created an incredible cigar called HR. With the raw tobacco knowledge that Hirochi has, and the incredible blending and rolling skills Cubanacan's master blender, Omar Gonzalez Aleman has, they have created a masterpiece. Tune in as Catfish and Big Tuna talk with Nate McIntyre, the Eastern US Director for the company, and talk about Cubanacan and more importanly, HR.