Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cigar Review: Ramon Allones Small Club Corona (2012)

You know that cigar… The one everyone loves, always raves about, and is always on your list to buy but when the funds come around you never seem to grab it? That is the Ramon Allones Small Club Corona (RASCC) for me. I cannot tell you how many times I have considered buying these, as I generally enjoy all things Ramon. Finally, after years of thinking it over, one happened to find its way into my wineador. After a week or so of rest and some habanero fajitas, I decided to see what all the fuss was about with a shot of Knob Creek to end my day.

Dry Draw: Honey, graham cracker

First Third: Ramon must be a bee keeper, because all of the Ramon Allones cigars have a distinct honey flavor, and the RASCC delivered immediate flavor of honey, tea, and earth.  I swear all of them have the note in some regard, this was no different.  The tea hit the retro, while the finish crept instantaneously.  Mandarin orange peel hit the draw about ¼ inch in, and I must say the hype was real.  Full body and flavor, with flavors of tea, honey, orange, and earth made for a wonderful introduction to the RASCC.

Second Third: There is an Icelandic White Ale I love dearly, that has a distinct coriander note, and my mind was craving one now as the RASCC was bringing back memories of the spirit.  Coriander is an interesting note; green in nature without heat, providing a zest with a creamy draw that joined forces with the orange peel.  Palate tennis ensued between forces of cream soda and tea, with the coriander providing the depth, and the honey notes tickling the tongue.

Final Third: My only regret was not having a nub tool.  The cream soda notes took over, and the bourbon made for a perfect palate cleanse.  I tend to sip slowly when I pair; diving deeper as I progress if the accentuated flavors arrive.  In this case, I highly recommend a Kentucky Straight.  The final shift saw medium roast coffee notes hit post exhale, rich on the finish and reminiscent of Kenyan AA.  A long musk note closed the deal, and my fingertips burned in delight, as my day came to a close.

Construction: Perfect

Final Thoughts: Multiple box buy, just as many this size are for me.  It seems that Habanos cannot make a bad cigar in the Minutos size.  I love everything I have had in this size, and typically buy two boxes, one to smoke and one more to smoke.  For the life of me holding on to cigars like this that cost under $5 a pop is really tough.  Ramon Allones is slowly becoming my second favorite Marca to Vegas Robaina, although I cannot say I have loved every Robaina I have smoked.  Oddly enough, I have yet to experience the Gigantes, and I need to cross that off the list very soon. Just try not to burn your finger tips and lips on one of these if get some...