Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cigar Review: Vegas Robaina Edición Regional Canadá Petit Robaina (2009)

Canada is a country that has received nine regional editions over the years, but they entered into the playing field in 2007, later than most. They are a country that has a high tax rate so it makes sense to do regionals in certain brands as it generates sales and promotes brands that may otherwise be ignored. I have my thoughts on the regional program, some good and some bad, but when Habanos releases a successful regional edition they have a true winner. I think Canada has one of the best regional releases from 2007, possibly one of the best ever over the years, and that is why I pay attention to regionals from that country. A member of the Habanos Critic forum snapped a photo of this Habano and after offering me one to review, I could not refuse. I don't know if I would have had the opportunity to smoke it otherwise, so thank you brother!

Released in 2009, the Petit Robaina was a regional release for Canada. It is the same vitola as the Montecristo Petit Edmundo, introduced in 2006, and measures 110 mm (4.3") with a 52 ring gauge. The Habano is composed of all Vuelta Abajo tobacco, and was rolled in Habana, Cuba. 1,200 boxes of 25 were released that year. The Petit Robaina is gorgeous in hand and has an amazing finished head and tight triple cap. The wrapper has a color that is a solid Colorado coloring and it has some minor tooth present with some tiny veins here and there. It is firm in hand and the two bands are placed perfectly. The foot of the Habano gives off a unique aroma and it is showing some interesting red spices with some bits of coffee beans, greens and tobacco. The wrapper has an aroma of light tobacco, hay and leather, and it is lighter in a lot of ways when looking smelling the foot.

The petit robusto begins by showing some nice rich flavors, and I am getting some dark chocolate notes. There are some nutty qualities present as well, and they are more almond and peanut like. There is this peanut butter flavor profile present with that, and it has a finish that is showing bits of caramel and cedar. It is a complex blend, one that I really care for, but you can tell that this is still a relatively young Habano. I think with some more age, it will open up more, but right now it is still great. The construction is absolutely terrific as well, and it is showing a near perfect razor sharp burn line that has a smooth burn line with that. The ash is holding on firmly to the end and  am getting a nice departure of the first half. I would classify the strength as being medium-full to full, and the body is there as well. So far, this is a  a very enjoyable Habano.

I found that this was a Habano that really changed it up at the halfway mark and that makes sense with the vitola offered. When I entered into the second half I found that it got a lot more spicier than it was in the first half and it was producing some strong spice and pepper notes. It was paired with some leather notes and it has some coffee beans and nutty qualities present as well. It did not have any chocolate notes present, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. In terms of construction it continued to smoke wonderfully and produce a nice amount of smoke with each cool draw. The burn line was relatively even as well and it had a nice charcoal ash on the end. You could not ask for more in terms of construction with a vitola of this nature. The final half had a strength level around medium-full and it had a body that was medium-full as well right to the end when it reached a full level.

I love the Petit Edmundo size, I think it is great for me and a nice way of getting a little bit bigger of a size for a petit robusto while not having it be over the top. I think Habanos made a great Habano with the Montecristo Petit Edmundo and I can see why Canada wan't something similar with a different brand as a regional release. This Habano has aged well in the five years since it was released and I believe that when young this smoke was young but awesome. The construction was terrific and I loved the flavor profile delivered overall. The first half showed this nice candy bar flavor profile and in the second half it showed a darker side to that, making for a great finish. I am sure you could still find some of these in Canada, there has got to be a La Casa del Habano that has these around, and if not, a cigar shop probably has them around as well. I am giving this smoke a rating between 92 and 94 right now and I bet when they first came out they were between 90 and 92.

Young Rating: 90-92
With Age Rating: 92-94