Friday, September 12, 2014

Cigar Review: Montecristo Grand Edmundo Edición Limitada (2010)

Montecristo is a weird brand for me. When I first got into Habanos, I never liked Monte. I remember my buddies whom are more experienced collectors speaking about their love for the brand, but I never got it. However, once I experienced a few aged Edmundos and No 2’s, I started seeing why the brand had potential and explored the line. For me, the Edmundo and Petite Edmundo just pop, along with recent production No 2. Knowing how popular the Sublime release was, I figured the Grand Edmundo was worth exploring before they too disappeared and became highly sought after. I remember my first experience was mind blowingly good, so I had to seek out a box from my friendly neighborhood LCDH. I knew a few collectors whom went deep on this release as well, so I figured my investment would be worth the time.

Dry Draw: cinnamon and chocolate

First Third: The taste was undeniable, and the result of a bevy f flavor for the intro: smores.  Yes I swore I tasted smores, as the Gran Edmundo had a toasty flavor that complimented chocolate, and a creamy texture to the draw that overall reminded me of marshmallow.  There was no spice through the nose, just the toasty notes.  The finish was a little short for my expectations given the initial burst of flavor.  It did become a little espressoish through the nose as well. 

Second Third: Underwhelming is a good descriptor.  The depth of the Grand Edmundo had all but disappeared, other than some one-dimensional  black coffee flavors.  The finish was still not wowing me, which should be over the top by now.  The marshmallow still hinted on the draw though, as well as the toasty flavor in the nose.

Final Third: Finally, those charred oak smoky flavors I associate with the good Montecristos showed up.  Coca hit the draw, a smooth sweetness hit tip of tongue, and the charred oak flavors hit the retrohale.  The nose developed a real nice custard flavor, while black pepper complimented the oak flavors.  As I neared the nub, the sugar notes continued to grow, and the finale had the most complexity of the cigar.

Construction: I had several burn issues, and this box has had some wrapper issues. 

Final Thoughts: I was rather underwhelmed honestly, and did not have the best experience.  I find this odd, because my first two experiences with this cigar were excellent, which prompted the box buy.  They may be in a weird spot and need another year to open back up.  The wrappers on this box have been rather delicate in nature, with this cigar being the worst burning in regard to a straight burn.  I cannot say I highly recommend this, but as a Monte fan, when they were selling for their normal retail, they were worth it.  My first two experiences were excellent, so my determination will ultimately be made the next time I smoke one.  For now, if I based my opinion of this experience, I would rather buy the Petite Edmundo.