Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cigar Review: Bolívar Simones Edición Regional Exclusivo Canada (2007)

Today I continue with the regional edition reviews and look at one of my favorites. Not only is it the best regional edition I have ever had, but I believe it to be the best Bolívar I have ever had as well. I am a big fan of the brand and not the most vocal supporter of the regional edition program so I find it interesting to love this particular smoke more than regular production brands. Regional editions, as any Habanos lover will tell you, are a pain in the ass. You never know what you are going to get, and even though the particular Habano may be crafted in a vitola offering that you love, the price sometimes kills the desire to buy a box. One thing that they do well though, is that they keep these limited regional editions limited. Habanos understands the word limited and that is something American can not embrace.

Requested for the 2007 Edición Regional program, the Simones was a 600 box release corona extra in the Bolívar brand for Canada. The Habano was packaged in 50 count slid boxes and the packaging was simply gorgeous. The corona extra was titled as a Hermosos No. 4, and measures 127 mm (5.0") with a 48 ring gauge. The smoke features that lovely triple cap and the terrific regional edition program with Canada written on the band. The corona extra is firm in hand and it has that solid triple cap placed on the end. The Habano is rolled wonderfully and it has a lovely dark Colorado coloring that shows some reddish hues in the dark brown colors. It has a great aroma of rich earth, spices, cocoa and this barnyard flavor as well some manure like qualities that make it terrific.

The Habano begins by showing some trademark flavors with the brand and it has a nice barnyard, manure and Asian spice quality. It is filling and complex, and it is a flavor profile that I truly love. I am getting some soft cafe mocha flavors and it really rounds out the smoke. The brand itself has a classic flavor profile that is very old school flavors, and years ago I can imagine this was considered a full body powerhouse. The strength of this smoke was between a medium and medium-full level, and and when I first got these seven years ago it was a little bit above medium-full. The body is on a similar level and it is not overpowering, but stronger with a lot of balance present. In terms of construction, it is smoking perfectly. I am getting a razor sharp burn line and with that a nice charcoal ash that is holding on firmly to the end of the smoke. The draw is cool and has a nice bit of resistance present.

When I get into the second third of the smoke the rich earthy and manure flavors continue to be present and I am getting some stronger wood and barnyard flavors. The spice is really popping as well and I am getting some soft cinnamon and black pepper flavors. The cocoa and coffee bean flavors are really enjoyable and as I mentioned earlier, they really round out the cigar. The burn line is still razor sharp on the cigar and it is showing those charcoal colors in the firm ash that is holding on firmly to the end. The draw is still very cool as well and it has that firm draw as well which is something I really love about Habanos and not as loose as some non-Cuban smokes. The body is at a medium full level in this third and I would say the strength is a little bit below that. So far, this is a terrific smoke and the age has done nothing but great things for the release.

The final third is very similar to the second third in all areas and it makes for a nice finish on the smoke. The strength and body finish that those medium full levels which is a great ending to any Habano and cigar on the market, and it makes me feel satisfied and at the same time want another smoke. The rich earth and barnyard flavors continue to be prominent in this third and with that are those cinnamon, coffee, pepper and dark chocolate notes. It is a flavor profile that so many love and connect with, and that is what makes this brand a classic brand. To me it is an everyday brand and it is up there with H. Upmann and Juan Lopez. The construction continues to be perfect in the final third and it is showing that razor sharp burn line, solid ash and a cool and slightly tight draw to the end. The final draw is flavorful and I smoke it down as far as possible before burning my fingers.

The Simones is a Habano that delivers all the terrific flavors of the Bolívar brand, and does so in a new and wonderful vitola offering. I am a huge fan of the Hermosos No. 4, and that vitola does great with the San Cristobal line. This is a smoke that really plays off of the robusto and corona offering, so you get a little bit more of that wrapper and really deliver some great flavors. These have been resting for seven years now, and I can tell you that they have gotten great over the years, but were just as good young. I have smoked through so many of these over the years and know the smokers who have had these love them. The cigar was so successful that it was brought back the following year and demand was two times great than the year before. Originally Canada asked for 600 boxes of 50, but in 2008 they asked for 1,200. Yes the boxes were of 25 and not 50, but it shows how much people loved the Habano and wanted to buy boxes. I am giving the smoke a solid 94-96 rating, and when it was released in 2007 it was between 92 and 94. Simply a terrific Habano and regional edition.

Young Rating: 92-94
With Age Rating: 94-96