Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cigar Review: Quintero Favoritos

I will be honest, my past experiences with Quintero have not impressed me. I actually gifted one to a BOTL and they found twine in it. However, I have heard good things about the Favoritos, and know plenty of brothers that swear by them as a solid budget stick. Needless to say, I was rather excited to get one for review from brother Guy, and finally found some time to sit down and enjoy it. The brand in general only has a few offerings, all in the budget range with short filler, and all bear a rustic look. You can kind of tell they are not made with the highest quality material upon first glance.

Dry Draw: heavy tea notes

First Third: A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night. A cinnamon girl attacked my palate, and the Favorito began strong, which is probably why so many folks love this. It reminded me of the Regius USA Exclusivo at times. The finish was not very long, mild in that regard. Like a smooth medium roast coffee, the draw rolled up the tongue, then left the cinnamon note with a cedar compliment on the retro burn. There was a nice cream aspect to the texture of the draw as well. Overall a mild beginning with a short finish and defined cinnamon note.

Second Third: The finish has picked up by now, surprising for a short filler really. The retro was still banging the cinnamon and cedar, while the draw hit the coffee. Around mid point, a licorice note grabbed my attention, and continued to dominate the blend on both the retro and draw, finishing another surprising third.

Final Third: The strength had moved into a medium-full for my palate at this point, with licorice and pepper notes taking the lead. The coffee notes still hit a bit, and the finish continued to impress. Hints of peanuts rounded out the ending for a great experience.

Construction: surprisingly good for a short filler

Final Thoughts: This is a fiver for me, not a box or split. The Favoritos was surprisingly strong at times, with enough body to really grab your attention. The price is a bit much in my opinion, as some of my favorite petite corona offerings can be had for a bit more or about the same price. I would absolutely recommend trying this to anyone, and can see why people love it. Shoutout to Guy for sending this, as I probably would not have tried it given my past experience with the brand. Thanks a ton brother.