Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cigar Review: Por Larrañaga Panetelas

Por Larranaga, a name I cannot ever seem to pronounce, and a brand I cannot ever seem to get into. Why then is Catfish reviewing one, FOR THE FANS DAMNIT! Seth and I are currently doing a budget cigar shootout and the Panetelas made the list, as they hit right around $2.50 a stick. Given this is a short filler cigar, and I expected little or no complexity, I decided to break it up into halves. I also grabbed a wonderful imperial coffee stout by called Kujo by Flying Dog.

Dry Draw: tea leaves and honey

First Half: Heavy earth, so heavy it really stands out as the shining note of the brand to me. Every time I have a Por Larranaga, it seems like this note comes out. I did get some mineral aftertastes, but lighter then something from an non-Cuban brand. The tea was there, but got lost in the heft of the earth notes. Nothing really stood out to me, but the body was full in nature.

Second Half: The profile began to mellow a bit, with the draw becoming a tad creamier. The flavor became much more refined, with lighter sharper earth note. The honey I got off the dry draw hinted at an arrival to the mix, and the tea notes began to show up as well. A nice light cumin spice entered at the end, and the nub was rather enjoyable.

Construction: no issues, it burned well, but like a short filler, it dropped ash all over my laptop

Final Thoughts: This would not be my first choice in the Habanos Critic Budget Shootout. Honestly, of the four, it would not rank in the top two for me. I think it is more an issue with the brand not hitting my palate, as I know plenty of smokers that love this vitola for a cheap smoke, and love the brand in general. The beer was a great pair I must say, and I would love to try it with an El Principe. One more short filler to go, the Piedra is up next!