Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cigar Review: Partagás Mille Fleurs

The Battle of a Thousand Flowers continues on, combined with the Habanos Critic under $3 shootout.  When we first started the site and forum, I reviewed the Romeo Mille Fluer and planned on comparing it to the Partagas Mille Fluer.  Oddly enough, I could not find the Romeo review, and realized it never got populated at HabanosCritic.com.  Since then, Seth and I also have decided to do a budget cigars shootout and the Partagas Mille Fluer fit the category of under $3, as boxes can be had around the $70 range.  So I finally got around to firing one up for review, and have been somewhat ambivalent with my experiences on this box thus far.

Dry Draw: dried berries

First Third: The dried berries hit the draw and retro right off the bat.  The signature sharp earth note I associate with the Partagas marca blew up my palate rather quickly as well.  For Partagas fans, this vitola delivers the signature profile.  Spice lingered in the background, as well as cocoa notes on a mild retro. 

Second Third: A refined creamy coffee developed, along with a nutty finish.  The finish and flavor was good, but short and light.  The retro picked up an almond liqueur note as well, but the finish never seemed to pick up steam.  The spice and sharp earth still lingered, adding detail as I worked my way towards the finale.

Final Third: Almond notes took the lead, distinct, adding a wonderful burn aroma as well.  My notepad continued to question the finish, as the draw seemed distant.  Green bell pepper notes arrived, and kicked back with the almond and some coffee notes for the end.

Construction:  My ambivalence with the blend lies in the construction.  I have smoked several from this batch, and the factory code is a desirable one.  However, several have been plugged, burned bad, and only one wowed me.  I have a feeling these are medium filler, as they all burn wonky, which would justify the price. 

Final Thoughts: I will give my judgment now.  Spend the money on the Romeo, which over time has proven to be a far superior cigar.  While I have not reviewed and ranked all of our budget cigars yet for the shootout, given my experience with the construction, I will not be buying these again.  The flavor is decent, but cheaper sticks have less issues, even though the complexity might be better here.  My recommendation is buy higher or lower, as there are plenty of better offerings from Partagas and pretty much any of the other marcas.  My first experience with this cigar fooled me into thinking they were a no brainer.  My experience since directed my current judgment.