Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cigar Review: Papo Robaina Custom Rolled Torpedo

The name Robaina is synonymous with Godfather when it comes to tobacco. Don Alejandro Robaina is the Godfather of tobacco, known for the best wrapper on earth. Currently his grandson Hirochi is tending the farms in his memory, keeping the family history alive and long tradition of tending the finest tobacco in Cuba and on earth. So when the moment arose to grab some custom rolls from Papo Robaina, let’s just say I jumped at the opportunity. Papo is Hirochi’s cousin, and also a farmer in Cuba following in the family tradition. Little is known of his history, other than his farm is adjacent to the Robaina family farm and he is connected by the name. The cigar itself looks to have an amazing wrapper, consistent in color, and a wonderful feel in the hand.

Dry Draw: fruit notes are abound

First Third: Smooth cocoa hit my palate on the draw. Cedar combined with slight red pepper arose on the finish long after the draw, showing the youth or freshness of the roll. The texture of the draw had a smooth custard like quality, with hints of cinnamon arriving at times. The dried fruit flavors I detected on the dry draw popped on the retro, and some sugar hit the draw as I neared the second third.

Second Third: A unique spice I liken to clove developed, and that creamy custard texture just kept on rolling. I really loved the flavor at this point, and am interest to hear Tuna’s thoughts on this third. The retro had an excellent aftertaste, but again, my mind was stumped while my palate was excited. There was definitely a vegetal note at the midpoint, and overall I would say this blend is on the milder side.

Final Third: The finish was not as long as I would have liked, but that could be the youth, and God knows this cigar was close to the sick period. The clove note continued to set the blend apart; coll is an understatement. Rarely do I get stumped, but the Papo stumped me. Creamy in nature, unique spices, medium body, and a profile all its own is how I would describe the cigar at that point. The finish did pick up a bit towards the nub.

Construction: Draw was a little tight, needed a dry box, smoked wet really

Final Thoughts: Well the Papo Robaina was a bit of a conundrum for my palate. There were notes I could not explain or put into words. It could be my palate that night was fried, or off, but one thing is for sure, I really dug the blend. As funds allow, I will be stocking up on several bundles of these. I am pretty sure Seth is going to like this blend as well, as it is not like anything on the regular market that comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone will like it, but the best part about custom rolls is the change of pace, and the Papo is just that. I cannot imagine how good these will be in a few years.