Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cigar Review: La Flor de Cano Petit Coronas

WOOHOO! It’s time for a good ole fashioned wild west shootout! Tuna and I are doing a shootout of cigars under $3. The four cigars we chose for this are the Flor De Cano petite corona, Jose Piedra Cazadores, Por Larranaga Panetelas, and Partagas Mille Fluer. Three are short filler, with the Partagas supposedly being long filler, and all can be had at a budget price.

The Flor De Cano had always peaked my interest, simply because I am drawn to the band for some reason. I dig the presentation, even though I am normally not a fan of cedar wraps. I had heard great things about this cigar, even though it is short filler. Tuna seemed to dig it with his review, and had hinted to me that I may like it. So let the games begin!

Dry Draw: stiff draw, fruity in nature

First Third: Being a short filler, I could not imagine a bouquet of flavor playing tennis on my palate. The notes were light, rather floral and almost perfumed at times. There was a savory quality to the cigar that I could not nail down. I cannot wait to read Tuna’s review and see how he described it. The savory reminded me of that kind of aftertaste you get with a good steak. The draw is tough, and it makes me want to get my Eastwood on and chew this sunuvabich while shooting random people whom do not respect the Clint.

Second Third: Chug and chew, chug and chew. This is not a premium cigar, this is a cigar to keep chugging on while you are mowing the lawn, severing body parts after a mob hit, or better yet, on a boat with dolphins doing flips and shit. I got a little spice through the nose, a bit less floral and more savory. The Flor de Cano did go out and took a relight, but that is to be expected as I smoke slow and this needed to be smoked fast.

Final Third: The body picked up significantly, along with the spice on the retrohale. At times, I was spitting out short filler, potentially triggering a showdown between the Josey in me and some Union Jayhawkers. The finish was decent enough to keep my inner Eastwood murdering madman at bay, and the savory note kept reminding me of beef jerky.

Construction: Short filler smokes require relights, and this did not disappoint. I relit it 2-3 times.

Final Thoughts: Not bad, and I dig the floral mildness of the smoke. I will wait to give my final opinion until we evaluate all four cigars. The multiple relights may affect my judgment. However, this is a cigar I would have no problem buying a box of. The ability to chew on it until it burns my mustache is always a plus.