Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cigar Review: Ramón Allones Allones Superiores La Casa del Habano Exclusivo (MUR MAR-13)

If you thought retail exclusives only applied to cigars in the United States, think again. Habanos S.A., besides handling the distribution and exporting of Habanos from Cuba, also franchises the well known La Casa del Habano stores. These stores are official stores for Habanos, and carry a large selection of the brands. They are the stores to shop at when purchasing a Habanos and the reason for that is the authenticity of the product and so much more. One of the many perks that the stores offer is that they have certain smokes reserved for them. These are smokes that are special vitolas for a brand and are only available at those stores. They have these reserved/retail exclusive Habanos for several brands, but today I am going to look at a small brand that is a personal favorite of mine along with a vitola that is a personal favorite as well. Today I look at the Ramón Allones Allones Superiores.

The Ramón Allones Allones Superiores is the fourth vitola in "regular production" for the brand, and is made just for La Casa del Habano stores across the globe. The Habano comes in ten count boxes and the packaging is identical to the regular brand except the fact that it comes with additional La Casa del Habano bands. The Allones Superiores is a corona gorda measuring 143mm (5.6") with a 46 ring gauge. All the tobacco hails from Vuelta Abajo, and is a similar blend to the brand, but blended for the vitola. With a beautiful triple cap, the Habano possesses a dark wrapper that is silky and oily in texture. There are some veins throughout the stick and it is rolled wonderfully. It has a nice chocolaty color to the Habano and it really goes well with the La Casa del Habano and Ramon Allones bands. The aroma on the Habano is that of rich earth, cocoa, hay and tobacco, and on the foot I am picking up notes of tobacco and hay.

Lighting up the Habano it begins by showing some strong notes that you can get with a strong Ramón Allones. I find that the Habano itself can be between an eight and eleven in terms of strength and right now I would say we are at a nine. It is showing flavors of rich earth, coffee beans and stone fruit, and I am getting some leather and damp oak notes with that. It is sticking fairly close to the flavors that I love with the brand, and this is a nice grand corona. The construction on the smoke is solid as well and it is showing that dark gray, almost brownish coloring ash, and it is holding on firmly through the first third. The draw is perfect, not too loose or tight and it has a nice bit of smoke being produced with each draw. The finish is long overall and the body is right at a medium full level. I would say the strength comes off as medium full but it is actually closer to full.

I am in the second third of the Habano now and it is really showing some nice tobacco notes, tobacco notes with a sour kick, and it has a nice spice level present as well. I am picking up some rich earthy and tobacco notes that you get with the brand, and it has some great stone fruit qualities with the flavors. It has some dark coffee bean flavors present as well and it has a filling finish with the smoke. This is a very satisfying Habano and one that I could find myself coming back to over and over again. It will age wonderfully and even as a young smoke it is great. The construction is top notch on the Habano and it is producing a nice even burn line with a dark charcoal ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly and it is still showing that soft brown coloring. The draw is cool and a nice bit of smoke is being produced. I would say that it is smoking at the same level as before and it has a nice medium full body level and a strength level right at medium full to full.

The final third is an elegant third and it is a great conclusion to a very good Habano. In terms of strength I felt the smoke softened some and it produced a medium full experience that was nice with the finish. The body closed at that medium full level as well and it made for a finish that made you want to light up another one. Sometimes the strength and body can be too much at the end and when that is the case I call it done, but that is not the case here. The flavors were fairly consistent with what was present before and it was showing some dark earth and tobacco notes, and it had a fruity and coffee flavor profile present as well. There was not so much that sour tobacco flavor in this third, but the finish was that of damp earth and wood, very barnyard like. In terms of construction it was a great finish as well and it smoked cool to the end and produced a nice burn line. The as kept that dark coloring and when it was done and getting too tight of a draw, I put it down.

This is a terrific offering and I would love to see this become more readily available. I have no problem buying ten count boxes, and I will, but it would be great to get more in a box and be able to buy a cabinet or dress box of 25 of them. I can understand why they are not making it regular production and exclusively for La Casa del Habanos, I bet they do very well, but I think it would be a true hit. The smoke offers a lot of the great qualities that you get with the brand but does so in a more concentrated experience. I am a huge fan of the Gigantes vitola that the brand has, but this is easily my second choice. This is a smoke that I could smoke all the time and never have any problems, concerns or troubles. The actual smokes in the box were beautiful as well and this is a definite winner as a purchase. With great flavors and overall construction, this is a smoke that I am giving between a 91-93 right now, and in years to come it will get a 96-98.

Young Rating: 91-93
With Age Rating: 96-98