Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cigar Review: La Flor de Cano Petit Coronas

At one time, La Flor de Cano was a bigger brand than it is today. The brand dates back to 1884 and for many years it was more than just a short filler Habano. I look at the brand today as the Byzantine Empire in the 1400's, and it is a brand that is barely holding on. Once filled with well known Habanos like La Flor de Cano Short Churchill, the only smokes that remain are the Petit Coronas and Selectos. While the brand is not what it once was though, there are still some surprises present in the brand and Habanos has not entirely given up on them. From time to time the brand sees a regional edition released with its name on it and it generates a calling among the passionate aficionados. Today though, I look at a short filler Habano that is well respected among Habano lovers and while it is "cheap," it is quite tasty. Let's open up a box of La Flor de Cano Petit Coronas and see how short fillers smoke.

La Flor de Cano is a minor brand for Habanos S.A. and is brand that has two vitolas available regularly, and they are short filler Habanos. They are composed of tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta regions, and production comes out of La Corona in Habana, Cuba. The Petit Coronas is classified as a Standard in the factory and is a petit corona measuring 123 mm (4.8") with 40 ring gauge. The sticks come covered in a cedar wrap and the band is applied to the cedar. The Habano possesses a sand like wrapper and it is shows that in the coloring and the very fine like grit that you get to touch. There are really no veins present throughout the cigar, but there is one large one that nearly travels the length. There is an aroma of salt, minerals, cedar, tobacco and some floral notes, and this is present on the wrapper and foot.

The first half begins by showing some simple but enjoyable flavors. There are some herbal and floral qualities to the Habano and they are accompanied by some sweet spice and cedar flavors. It is not overly complex and showing a lot of depth, but it is still enjoyable and a great smoke for those times when you want something simple. This is an affordable Habano and because of that I would not expect a lot in terms of construction, flavors and so forth, but this one is performing quite nicely. The draw on the cigar is fairly tight, but it is producing a razor sharp burn line with a dark charcoal ash on the end. There is probably a leaf somewhere in the filler blend that is restricting the draw, but I imagine once I light it up that it will open up. I would say that the Habano is around a medium level in terms of body and the strength is closer to mild if you ask me. It is a smooth stick and for a short filler smoke, I am really digging everything it offers.

The final half of the Habano shows some growth in terms of complexity and it finishes wonderfully. I am getting this lovely nutty, toasty and creamy flavor profile to the smoke, and it is accompanying those nice floral and herbal qualities from the first half. There is a nice bit of spice present on the finish and and it is showing those cedar notes as well. Overall, this Habano has shown a lot of growth into this half and for a short filler smoke it is performing amazingly. The construction remains perfect throughout, showing a razor sharp burn line with a dark charcoal ash, and it has had a cool draw. The draw is not as firm as it was in the first half, cleared the way of a blockage somewhere, and it finishes cool and showing nice flavors on the finish. The body is right around a medium level in this half and the strength is right there as well. As you can tell, this was not a smoke that was broken down into thirds, but given the fact that it is a short filler petit corona, it did well.

Is this a cheap stick? Yes it is, but it is quite tasty for the price and being as young as it is, it is smoking very well. I think it will do great with age, and even though it is a cheap short filler Habano, it will age well and mellow out some while showing all the flavors it possesses. I find myself smoking these quite regularly and that is because of the size of the smoke and what it offers. It is nowhere near as good as many of the other Habanos out there, long filler ones that is, but it is still quite tasty. The construction was fantastic with the smoke and it smoked cool with no problems from beginning to end. I would recommend this to many smokers out there and if you are looking for something affordable that you can bring with you when you are doing something and staying busy, I would pick up this. You don't sit back and relax with this, you smoke this when you are in the middle of something and want to have an enjoyable tobacco experience while doing so. I am giving the Habano a solid 84 to 86 rating now, and in years I think it will be between an 89 and 90.

Young Rating: 84-86
With Age Rating: 89-90