Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cigar Review: H. Upmann Majestic

Upmann Addicts Anonymous checking in for duty. When a brother has a chance to score boxes with 5-6 years on them, you jump. I was introduced to the Majestic when given that opportunity, and was not let down. Quickly after experiencing what an aged Majestic had to offer, I turned to new production, and was pleasantly greeted with fine cigars for economic value. So I figured sooner or later, I must review my hidden gem in the Upmann line. The size is a Cremas 5.5x40, which really reminds me of a petite lancero, and can easily stretch into an hour an fifteen minutes when need be. I do not often blow a review in the intro, but this is an Upmann, and if you have ever watched our show What Embargo, well you know the bias involved.

First Third: Right off the bat, I got hit with musk, almonds, latte, and a light spice. This is one of my favorite underrated cigars, and the beginning tells the story. The finish at that point was long, unreal, leaving me with a feeling of a full rich meal. As the initial third progressed, I was reminded of a fine latte, the kind you get at a coffee shop that is selective with beans, with a touch of snobbery. The retrohale developed floral undertones, while the rich finish began to remind me of an ethnic meal with a marked spice. The kind of spice that is unique to a platter you get at a small mom and pop hole in the wall place that all the locals know.

Second Third: the body calmed down a bit, and became rather creamy. The Majestic stuck with the latte theme, with added floral and spice notes complimenting accordingly. My notes suggest the finish lasts forever. The retro transforms midpoint from floral to white pepper. Vanilla developed on the draw, with a slight liqueur burn provided by the white pepper compliment.


Final Third: Green pepper developed on the draw, meaning some vegetal characteristics picked up on the spice. The draw was still full of rich almonds and creamy latte as well. The main change was the combination of the creamy draw taking over the profile, with the added sugary green pepper in the mix.

Final Thoughts: The Majestic is a no brainer for the money. However, I have aged these since 06, and I do think they tend to lose complexity over time. My 06 and 07 stock are very smooth and rather one dimensional on the latte realm. They still are amazing with age, and I may do a review of one of those soon to determine I my thoughts are correct. I do think fresh these smoke rather well, and should be a staple. At 5.5in, they tend to last well over an hour if you smoke slow, and compare to a robusto in regard to time.